Monday, May 7, 2007


Chinese breakfast!

Top left: radish strip buns (luo/ buo si bing~), top right: hot soy milk, bottom: oil sticks (yo/ tiao/, a.k.a. Chinese donut).

Scallion pancake.

Xiao~ long/ bao.

We biked around Beijing this day. For lunch, we stopped at a random restaurant. We got spicy diced chicken with peanuts (right) and peas with beef (left). Tasty, but even this was still too much food for lunch.

We wandered into a shopping mall just to see what it looked like. At the top, there was a food court (as is true with pretty much all Asian malls), and we got some refreshments. Mine was a mango slushie with tapioca, and Sue had the same, but with watermelon instead of mango. Cold and tasty!

For dinner, we wandered off to a Tibetan restaurant. After some wandering about being all turned around (man, I really appreciate those maps at each and every exit in the Seoul subway system), we finally made it.

Some random Tibetan beer. Not particularly good. The fact that it was warm didn't really help either.

Left: spinach and paneer (Indian influence on Tibetan cuisine I suppose). Right: Tibetan bread. Has more similarities to da\ bing~ (big bread, common in Muslim-Chinese cuisine), similar in that it's fairly dense, but this bread was thicker.

Baby mutton ribs.

Left: Raw yak! Sort of like tartar in consistency (and in concept), however, the spices made it almost taste more like salsa. On the right are little millet (I think) balls that you eat with the yak. This was actually my favorite dish as it had a really good flavor.

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