Saturday, May 5, 2007

Seoul to Beijing: The Trip Begins!

So after Sue's DevCon trip in Las Vegas, she flew to Seoul where I met her at the airport, and then from there we flew to Beijing. I'm only going to be posting food items here. If you want the full non-food report, you'll have to go to where all of that stuff will eventually end up.

First food item: Korean food at the Incheon airport while killing time waiting for our flight (Sue arrived at like 5am local time and our flight wasn't until the afternoon).

Pumpkin porridge for me.

Sundubu for Sue.

Pearl milk tea in Beijing. Tapioca was a little too soft for my liking. Also could have been colder.

Wall-side kabob vendor. We just ate a few lamb skewers as a snack, but they were dirt cheap. 0.5RMB each, which is like 7 cents!

The skewers weren't particularly large, but how much do you expect for 7 cents?

For dinner, we just went into a random restaurant on a side street. First major test of Gabe's forgotten Mandarin. We ended up ordering way too much food.

Left: sweet and sour pork (I think the waitress recommended this to us because we're foreigners... grrr). Right: diced chicken (ji ding) with bell peppers and spicy red peppers. This dish had some heat to it.

Whole fish in a brown sauce with bamboo shoots and mushrooms. The food was all very tasty. We were the only lao~ wai\ (foreigners) in the joint. For way too much food, it only cost us about $8USD. Can't complain.

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