Thursday, May 10, 2007


For breakfast, we just ate at the hotel again, so I didn't bother taking any pictures of the same stuff.

After going to the hanging temple during the morning, we stopped for lunch not too far from there. Apparently there are just a few restaurants where all of the tour companies take all of the tourists... I think the main reason is that only a few are "nice" enough to not scare off Westerners in terms of the place not appearing to be too dirty.

Diced chicken in some kind of light, but salty sauce.

Scallian pancakes, but these were a lot more doughy than we're used to. I think this is more of a northern thing.

Stewed mutton with potatoes and some weird doughy strips (the white stuff).

Green bean. There was also a light soup.

Later in the day, it ice cream break time again. This time corn ice cream, in the shape of a corn cob. This is similar to the corn ice cream I had in Korea. Tastes kind of like creamed corn.

We ended up just grabbing a light dinner later in the evening before taking the night train back to Beijing.

We tried the hand-cut noodles again. This batch was a little better than the other.

Some other kind of noodle soup. I liked this one better.

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