Sunday, May 6, 2007


For brunch, we wandered into some random dumpling shop (I could recognize the chinese characters for "bao zi~").

We got two kinds, although they look the same from the outside. One was filled with veggies (yo/ cai\) and the other had pork. It also came with some chinese preserved vegetables and some thin gruel. Pretty tasty overall.

This is going to be a recurring theme. It's already summer time here, and so we made many ice cream/popsicle stops throughout our trip.

Popsicles again. Mung (green) bean and mango or something citrusy I think.

Dinner. Appetizer: sorghum dumplings. The skins were kinda chewy.

The obligatory Peking Duck. We decided to get this out of the way the first night. I was good, but not really any different than the Peking Duck I've had in North America (Toronto).

And then it was off the (in)famous night markets! WARNING: pictures of gross foods below! Not for you wussy-pants, I-only-eat-fish-and-chicken-breast eaters.

This was pretty cool. Just one long block of stall after stall of food hawkers. You could smell the stinky tofu from a distance.

Variety of skewered treats. Interesting mix... top right strawberry and mixed kiwi/strawberry. Bottom left, plump silkworms. I think the others are all also buggy things.

More buggy things on sticks.

Small scorpions on sticks (maybe about 1.5 inches long each).

Much bigger scorpions at top, some sort of grasshopper/locust bug at the left, the same small scorpions as before at the bottom, and I think more silkworms at the right.

Various meat skewers. The white stuff at the bottom right is stinky tofu. The squiggly things above that are phalluses of some animal (lamb I think). Most of the rest is not too scary (squid, lamb, maybe some kidneys). I also picked up a coconut for drinking as you can see in my hand.

Centipedes! Ok, all of this walking around looking at food is making me hungry...

We'll start off light with some centipede. This was actually kind of disappointing because there was very little substance to it. Whatever was in the centipede itself I think got squished out by the skewer. All that was left was a little bit of crunchy shell and some legs. (Sue even tried a nibble of this!)

Let's take it up a notch. So I snagged a skewer of the little scorpions. They fry these pretty thoroughly, so all you really taste is oil, salt and crunchy (well, that's not really a taste). These were better than the centipedes because at least you had something to chew on.

Cruising for my next snack. More skewers.

Crabs. They looked sort of like Dungeness, but the shape was a little rounder.

Time to up the ante! Even I was a little hesitant about eating this, but I figured, what the hell! These were chunky, crunchy, meaty suckers. Out of all of the weird things so far, though, these guys were probably the best. And yes, you eat the whole thing: body, legs, wings, head, eyes, guts, etc.

This is what they looked like before going into the deep fryer.

More lamb skewers. These were a lot more expensive than where we got the skewers the first night. I think these were more like 50 cents each, which is still cheap. These are also a little bit bulkier than our 7 cent cheapies.

Last fried item of the night: sea horse. This was actually the grossest thing I ate. Everything else was just salty and oily. This was actually bitter and just did not taste good. I had to grab an ice cold Coke to wash the taste out of my mouth. (BTW, Asian Coke tastes better because they use sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.)

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