Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hong Kong

We met up with Uncle Paul in the morning and headed to a traditional/typical HK breakfast place. It's sort of more like a blue-collar diner where folks will come to grab some breakfast and read their morning papers.

This is the famous "Pineapple Bun". It's warm, soft, and has a big honkin' slab of butter inside. Incredibly delicious. The different places pride themselves in how fast they can the buns from the oven to your table.

This was served along with HK-styled milk tea. This is a strong tea where the milk itself is boiled (as opposed to just being added after you're done steeping the tea).

We also stopped at the bottom of the road for some fruit.

We got some of these purple fruit. I have no idea what they're called, but when you cut them open you get...

A sweet, white fruit. It has some similarities in texture to oranges (somewhat fibrous), but it's hard to describe the flavor. We ate some right there and then also got some to go.

Some kind of small mango. We also got some of these to go.

I don't know the name of this fruit either. We saw it labeled as "Chinese Strawberry" elsewhere, but at least the kind we had tasted nothing like strawberry.

So apparently in HK, McD's is experimenting with providing higher-class food and drink options. This McCafe is grafted onto the side of a normal McD's, but it has nicer seating, a full coffee bar (i.e. espresso drinks), and more upscale food options.

A "lobster" sandwich for example, although it's really made with crawfish meat. No idea whether this McCafe concept will take off or not. It might work in Asia, but I don't see it happening in the US anytime soon.

We went and checked out the beach and temple in Stanley, and then later that afternoon, we went to go grab some dim sum. This was one of the must-do's on my list for HK.

You can see back into the kitchen. This place was packed... and it was 2:30 in the afternoon! They eat at all hours in HK.

Rice porridge (congee) with pickled veggies and pork.

The waitress claimed this was fish, but it tasted nothing like fish. It had some sort of mayo/cream filling, then wrapped and fried.

Thick noodles in XO sauce.



Tang jiao~ (soup dumplings).

Sweet buns with a custard-like mango filling.

Wintermelon with various toppings.

Then it was off to some dessert...

Coconut ice with black glutinous rice and durian for Sue.

"Toddy Palm" (I think this might have been sea coconut, which I recently read is often not real and they just use some sort of palm heart), black glutinous rice and coconut cream for me.

"Mango pancake" for sharing. Mango, cream and a sort of thin crepe wrapped around the outside.

That afternoon, Sue and I walked around a bit and found some markets.


Pig's feet.

Various seafoods.

Very fresh and lively seafood!

A shot of the street market.

Another shot.

Beer break!

Drink break! Papaya Milk for Sue (left) and Watermelon Ice for Gabe (right).

That night, Sue and I were on our own, and we wandered into a Thai restaurant.

Drinks: Ribena for Gabe (left) and Limeade for Sue.

These "salads" were pretty big. This is a pork shoulder salad that I got.

Morning Glory (kong xing cai\ in Chinese).

Eel skewers.

Sausage salad for Sue.

I ordered a soft-shell crab curry as that sounded kind of different. They served the crabs (above) separate from the curry.

The curry. It was thicker than I was used to... almost eggy.

That night when we got back to the hotel, we then ate the unknown purple fruit and the mangoes that we had picked up that morning. A very successful day of eating!

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