Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Breakfast at Winchell's Donuts! The doughnuts were quite tasty, although the coffee was a bit lacking.

For dinner, we went out to the Hofbrauhaus, a German restaurant which has since branched out and opened up franchises outside of Germany (we've been to the one in Munich before... that one is a lot rowdier).

I got some kind of mixed plate with two kinds of pork and spaetzle (German egg noodes).

Sue got the mixed sausage plate with kraut.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sufficiently Unique Identifier

We met up for some drinks and dinner at the Milltown Tavern in Cabbagetown. Independent of the food and what not (Sue got a raw shrimp tail in her salad, and I got a fried shrimp tail in my fries), the funny highlight of the evening was the bill. In particular, when I opened the tab, the waitress apparently didn't bother to use the name on the credit card but instead punched an alternative, but sufficiently unique, identifier into the computer.

Welcome to the South. :-)