Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shanghai to Hong Kong

Early in the morning, we took the subway to the mag-lev train station. There we got a quick bite to eat.

Soy milk, a really thin congee (rice porridge), and some pickled veggies. We also got some steamed vegetable buns (not shown).

Airplane food. Noodles, croissant, fruit, apple juice.

After we got into HK, we took the train from the airport into the city, checked into our hotel, and then wandered around a little bit in the surrounding area. We ended up just picking a restaurant more or less at random.

Shrimp wonton noodle soup for me.

Malay beef curry for Sue.

Next door to the restaurant, we found a HK-style dessert shop. It turned out to be a chain that we found all over the place (and visited many of them).

Sue got a crazy fresh juice combo: watermelon, lemon and tomato juice! I got grass jelly with sea coconut.

That evening, we met up with Uncle Paul (not a blood uncle, but in Chinese we refer to almost all men of your parents generation as "uncle") who's a very good friend of the family. He ended up being out tour guide for a significant amount of time in HK. Always great to get shown around by a local.

Anyway, before dinner, we first went up to Victoria Peak to catch the city view at sunset. Up there, we also stopped at this gelato place:

mmm. They had lots of interesting flavors, of which I'm sure you'd have a hard time finding in Italy.

I think this is Sue's dish, which has coconut+pandanus+sugar cane (left) and strawberry and basil (right).

Mine was strawberry+basil (left) and tamarind+lime. It was all very good!

For dinner, we had Cantonese food at one of the restaurants in the HK Jockey Club, of which Uncle Paul was a member (otherwise we wouldn't have been able to go there).

Roasted suckling pig (crunchy brown stuff in the center) and char siu pork (a.k.a. Chinese BBQ pork). Perhaps the best I've ever had. Awesome.

Cantonese mixed vegetables with glass noodles.

Eggplant with pork and mustard greens.

There was also a traditional Cantonese soup that was made from a bone broth with assorted other ingredients, some herbal such as ginseng. To make this right, it apparently needs to be cooked for a long, long, long time. It was quite rich and tasty.

After dinner, we ended up grabbing some dessert as well.

durian, pamelo and sago for me.

mango and cream for Sue.

Fresh mango wrapped in mochi with coconut on the outside, shared by all three of us.

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