Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HCMC to Taipei

We went out in search of pho again for breakfast, but went to a different place this time.

The pho.

We also checked out another market in Cholon (HCMC's Chinatown).


Lotus root.

Unknown fruit. Somewhat like durian and jackfruit in shape, but an entirely different color.


Dried items.

For lunch, we went to another fancy restaurant.

Frozen edamame and green mango (with basil, small dried shrimps and fish sauce).

Shrimp chips and pork with shrimp, onions and some other veggies.


A much stronger fish sauce. I think this one is actually made with dried brine shrimps or something like that. Not sure if this is the infamous "vietnamese tear gas."

Wild boar in curry and coconut milk.

The tea came with gigantic chunks of ice to keep things cool.

Grilled frogs.

The veggies for the "Thai" soup shown below.

The veggies included "sea spinach", coriander, banana tree trunk, morning glory, some unknown bitter vegetable, and some kind of celery-like item as well.

Tje kitchen area is open for viewing.

That afternoon, we took our flight to Taipei.

Airplane food. Can't tell you what all of that is...

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