Monday, May 21, 2007

Mekong Delta to HCMC

Breakfast at the homestay...

Vietnamese coffee.

French bread, fruit, and a funny little tube of some kind of processed meat spread (the red tube on the small dish right below the bread).

Checking out some local markets:

Many different kinds of rice.

Rice candies/snacks.




Dragonfruit + unknown melon.

Meat! (note: no refrigeration!)

Coconut juice!

Before hopping back in our van, we spotted a bahn mi cart, so we had to grab a couple of sandwiches.

We also briefly visited a monastary.

Monks' lunch settings.

Then we went to a pretty fancy restaurant for lunch.

Lots of broken necks. (You gotta do that if you wanna eat meat!)

Giant fried glutenous rice balls (note the three or four of 'em at the right in the photo). These are similar to the red-bean-filled sesame balls that you can get at dim sum restaurants, but these are hollow and not sesame seed coated.

Fresh squeezed pineapple juice.

Lotus salad and rice chips.

The glutenous rice balls.

Something fried.

Another elephant ear fish.

Vietnamese spring roll. Filled with noodles, shrimp, herbs, and maybe pork. Dip it in fish sauce.

Fresh-squeezed watermelon juice.

I don't remember.

Fried bananas.

We wandered around HCMC a bit that afternoon and stopped at an ice cream place.

Unknown brown drink for me, and lime soda for sue (you just squeeze limes into the glass, dump in some sugar, pour in the soda water, and stir).

Vanilla ice cream with unnecessary decoration.

I think by this point our guide was finally starting to figure out that we were fairly adventurous eaters, and so he took us to an outdoor joint (bunch of tables covered with tents), although this was still in a touristy part of town so it probably wasn't too wild.

Marinated beef for grilling.

Morning glory.

Shrimp and lotus salad.

Unknown drinks. I think the one of the left is some form of ice coffee with condensed milk.

Very herby soup.

Shrimp chips.

Tamarind crab. This was my favorite dish of the evening, as I had never had crab in this type of sauce before. Definitely a new flavor experience.

More soup (with noodles this time, I think).

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