Friday, May 11, 2007


We went to the touristy part of the Great Wall today. We didn't get any breakfast in the morning, so we grabbed some food at the base near where the bus drops you off.

Chicken drumsticks, zong\ ze~ (glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and tea eggs.

Popsicle break again. The wrapper just said "do\ do\" (literally, "bean bean"), but it turns out to just be two separate popsicles in one wrapper. True to its name, one was a red bean popsicle and the other was mung bean.

That evening, we wandered around the food court of one of the malls in the Wangfujing area.

Yogen Fruz was the first thing that caught my eye, but Bruce was pretty cool, too. For those of you that don't know Yogen Fruz is a frozen yogurt chain, that, prior to this sighting, I had only ever seen in Canada. They make frozen yogurt using real bricks of frozen yogurt smashed up in some machine, as opposed to the frozen "yogurt" you get at like TCBY's where it's just some powder and/or syrup frozen in some machine.

Food court shot: pick your own plate of meat/veggies/etc.-on-sticks.

The aforementioned Yogen Fruz. Delicious as always.

For dinner, we went to a Szechaun restaurant.

This is yu/ xiang qie/ ze ("fish flavored eggplant" is something close to a literal translation, but it doesn't quite capture it).

Diced chicken with peanuts.

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