Saturday, May 26, 2007

Taipei to Seoul

End of the trip...

Some kind of pork noodle soup in the Taipei airport.

Airplane food on the flight back to Seoul.

That night we wandered over to Myeongdong, which is a pretty popular shopping district in Seoul which Sue had not seen yet.

We just chose a restaurant at random.

"Salad", which seems to often be cabbage based in Korea.

The main course. Some sort of *really* spicy meat (I think it was chicken) with rice, a few piece of tteok (glutenous rice cake) and two tater tots on the side (huh?).

We also stopped off for some ice cream. This was really weird as the "toppings" (or underings?) for this included fruit, beans, and tomatoes!!! (I guess they're technically fruits, but it tasted pretty odd with ice cream.)

And that's that! Except for the flight back to the US (airport food in Seoul and airplane food later), that concludes our Asian culinary adventure!

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