Thursday, May 17, 2007


This morning we got up early to head to the ferry terminal to head to Macau.

On our way, we stopped by a bakery and got a Char Siu Bun (BBQ pork bun, on left for Gabe) and a "Milk Bun" (on right for Sue).

When we got to Macau, I got a popsicle. This was probably one of the worst popsicles I had the whole trip, and that includes the corn popsicles!

Chinese pork jerky! Yum! I got a couple of pieces of "piglet jerky." I guess Winnie-the-Pooh would be sad...

Portuguese egg tart. Very delicious. The top was browned, which is a little different (but nice) from the egg tarts I normally have.

Passion fruit slushie for Sue (left) and Green Mango slushie for Gabe (right).

For lunch, we just stopped in a random restaurant where my poor Mandarin was tested again. I got this oxtail stew in black pepper sauce which was quite good.

Sue got this "pork cutlet in Portuguese style" sandwich.

We saw some more snack shops while wandering around after lunch.

Lots of sweets and pastries.

Sue got this fried pastry, which was actually filled with curried vegetables.

I got this strange snack made of coconut and some jello-like material. It was actually pretty good.

Another drink break. Mandarin lemon tea for Sue (left) and "Mango Bungie Jump" for me (right), which just turned out to be mango juice with kiwi fruit.

For dinner, we went to a Portuguese restaurant that Uncle Paul recommended. No one knew where it was, so we wandered around for a little bit. We finally just hopped in a cab, which didn't drive too far to get us there. We could have walked had we known where we were going.

Potato soup for Sue.

Pitcher of Sangria for both of us.

Garoup (a kind of fish) "stewed in Portuguese style" (apparently not the same "Portuguese style" as Sue's pork cutlet from lunch). This was perhaps the tastiest dish of dinner.

Mussels with garlic. Yes, all of that light-colored stuff on top is indeed garlic.

Baked Portuguese duck rice. Good flavor, but a little dry.

Biscuit pudding for Sue (left) and egg pudding for Gabe (right) which was quite similar to flan.

After that, we hopped back on the ferry to HK. When we got there, we went out for dessert again!

Mango juice for Sue and kiwi with grass jelly, also for Sue.

Strawberry with sago for Gabe.

Mixed fruit with durian ice cream for Sue.

Ice cream dumpling (mochi) in black sesame shaved ice for Gabe.

Hot almond soup with lotus seeds for Gabe. The people in the dessert shop must have thought we were crazy for ordering so many things. Well, we are!

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