Saturday, October 20, 2007

NYC Morning Wanderings

The reason we were in NYC anyway was that my good college buddy Chris was getting married. We had saturday morning to wander around, so after some quick yelping for a local bagel joint and a three block walk later...

That's a beautiful slab of smoked salmon.

Lox and cream cheese on an authentic NY bagel. Yum!

We also went through the Union Square Park weekend farmers' market. We didn't really buy anything, but it was fun to wander through.


Indian/Thai-styled eggplants.

I didn't realize the brussel sprouts grew on stalks. $3 a stalk was a pretty good deal as well!

So many different varieties of carrots. Lots of different colors.

Peppers galore!

After some wandering, we spotted a hot dog cart and made another impromptu food purchase.

Mmm... dirty water dogs.

Fully loaded! I don't think I've seen these weird orange onions anywhere but NYC.

NYC pizza. This was unfortunately pretty mediocre.

For old time's sake: Teriyaki Boy! I used to eat this stuff all the time in college.

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