Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mafia Dim Sum

So later, we went to go get some Dim Sum at some "special" place somewhere in Queens. This place was in as far as I can tell an unmarked building. You just sort of drove into the side of a building and the valet took your car. From what I'm told, this place used to owned by the Mob. After Guiliani went through and through all of them into jail, some Chinese folks took this place over (probably Chinese Mafia), but they didn't bother to change the decoration. So this resulted in perhaps the most surreal Dim Sum experience I've ever had.

This craziness was plastered all over the *ceilings* of the place.

Crazy carpets, furniture, corinthian columns, etc.

Oh yeah, Dim Sum. This was really good and incredibly cheap. Something like $1-$1.50 each! (Although I think that's just the Sunday special.)

Unnecessarily fancy urinal partitions.

This used to be a fancy door frame. Now it frames tanks of live seafood... just so Chinese to do something like this. :-)

This place was huge. There were a lot of back rooms for weddings, secret meetings, and of course, Mah Jong. The carpet and furniture are amazing, and the painting in the back is the perfect backdrop for your killer MJ hand.

This isn't Dim Sum, but what it is is a cone of Carvel soft serve (at the airport). What I thought was funny was the little plastic cone holder so you don't get dripping melted ice cream all over your hands. I'm sure someone has a patent for that.

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