Saturday, October 6, 2007

Georgia State Fair

The Big Pig Jig didn't really have all that much going on after the BBQ tasting. There were some other booths and stuff, but nothing really that exciting to keep us occupied for another four hours until they got to the official winners announcements. So we just left. On the drive down, we did see a huge state fair, so we went to go check that out.

This was a pretty impressive BBQ stand at the fair (well, it's not technically really BBQ but just a huge grill). My brother says that pictures look better with black bars, so I decided to try it out. I think he's right.

I loved this cheesy, low-budget Pillsbury dough boy knock-off.

This caught my eye. In the south, you can really can go and deep fry just about anything. I hesitated at first, because it just seemed like a bit gratuitous...

But then I thought better of it and went for it (along with some help from Sue). It tastes fine, and is incredibly heavy, but it didn't work as well as I had hoped. The chocolate from the peanut butter cup gets all melty, but the peanut butter part stays in tact. So when you eat it, all of the chocolate oozes out and you concentrate on that just to prevent it from being a mess... consequently when you get to the peanut butter, so don't have much chocolate left. That's unfortunate since the whole point of peanut butter cups is having the mix of the two. The stand also had deep fried twinkees (which I've had before) and deep fried Oreos (might have been good).

They had a 4-H arts and crafts show. I have not idea what category this was under, but I thought it was pretty cute. It's basically parodying the Chic-fil-A ads where the cows are putting up signs that say "Eat Mor Chikin".

By some claim, GA is the "Poultry Capital of the World." I'm not sure I completely buy that, but I did buy a sweet t-shirt proclaiming this assertion.

In "Poultry World," they had some neat displays with hatching eggs, incubators for the newborn chicks, and another area for the slightly older chicks. I'm just pretending to eat the chick; no animals were hurt in the filming of this segment... I'll wait until he's older. :-) Apparently it only takes eight weeks from hatching until they're ready for slaughter. They also had some cool videos showing the equipment in modern poultry processing plants... very automated these days.

We had a good time at the fair. It was probably the largest state fair I've ever been to. Oh yeah, it also rained on us a little bit, but nothing really bad.

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