Sunday, October 21, 2007

NY Breakfast

During my college years, I ate plenty of eastern European food at the old Kiev. Unfortunately, the Kiev went out of business or otherwise disappeared (a new "fake" Kiev opened in the same place, but the food and prices have no relation to what is now only a fond memory). So, Veselka is the next best thing (I didn't go here as much during college, not because there's anything wrong with the food, but the Kiev was cheaper which makes all of the difference for college kids).


Counter-clockwise from bottom left (ignoring jam and half-and-half): Assorted boiled pierogies, kasha varnishkes, coffee, assorted fried pierogies, and beet salad.

We didn't eat here, but both the name and concept were funny. It seemed like almost everything on the menu had something to do with chocolate, and the owner apparently is quite comfortable with the state of his hair (or lack thereof).

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