Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chris and Kristine's Wedding

I didn't do a thorough job of documenting the food at the wedding, but here's what I got.


Simon chowing down on a plate of appetizers.

Skip to dessert... this is taro and corn ice cream. Yes, corn! Kristine is Philipino, and apparently this is quite typical for ice cream flavorings. I've seen this and variants ("corn and cheese" ice cream) in Asian markets before but didn't know which ethnic group liked it. Now I know!

Wedding cake.

Post party eats... Yakitori Taisho in the east village. This is a Yakitori joint that we used to frequent a bit in college as well as in grad school when we'd take the train into the city from New Haven. Lots of good eats grilled over charcoal on little skewers. Sauce is very good. This place is so popular they opened up a second location right next door, and both stay plenty busy.

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