Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shanghai to Atlanta (Sat)

I had most of a morning to kill before heading to the Pudong airport for my flight back to Atlanta (hooray for Delta's direct flight!). So I just wandered around the neighborhood near SJTU.

Dude selling fresh steamed buns.

This bun was *so* good. ^_^ (and only costs 1RMB = 14 cents)

More street-side food stalls/shops.

I couldn't entirely figure this one out. I think you just point at whatever you want, they boil it in some soup, possibly with some noodles, and there you go.

Fresh yo/ tiao. I was running out of small bills at this point, and didn't want to force one of these street stall guys to have to break a 100RMB bill, so I didn't get any.

Fresh made cong yo/ bing~ (scallion pancakes). It took a good 10-15 minutes of waiting for them to make them. I watched it go from raw dough to finished product, and there was a long line by the time it was ready.

Finished product. Also amazingly good. Also 14 cents. Totally worth the wait.

I found a little market. Incredibly crowded.

Vegetable lady.

Meat aisle.

I got one more bun. This one was similar to the original one, but instead of steamed bread on the outside, it was made out of rice. Also very tasty.

Funny shop name in the Shanghai/Pudong airport. Someone needs to file an anti-trust suit against them.

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