Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip to Toronto

Meeting up with family in Toronto + Air planes tickets are ridiculously expensive = Road Trip!

Part way through TN, got hungry (around lunch time), and saw a sign for a random 'que joint.

From the outside.

From the inside. Ribs and pulled pork.

A little further up I-75 in KY.

Yup, that's a KFC, but not any old KFC...

It's the original "Sander's Cafe" where it all started.

Little "museum" area with old paraphernalia. The colonel looks awfully east Asian to me... perhaps part of why KFC is so successful out there.

A very modern KFC meal though... at least they still have sporks.

Mock-up recreation of the original kitchen.

Further along the drive, we take a 50+ mile detour to catch an out-of-state detour (we only thought it would be like 30 miles out of the way) for Zesto's (New Albany, IN).

Zesto. It indeed is good.

Proof of Goodness.

Random stop in Cincinnati just to see what's there. Wasn't the most exciting, but it seemed like a pretty nice city. Ended up spending the night at some random motel a little further up the interstate (still in Ohio).

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