Friday, July 25, 2008

Canada, Day 5

Breakfast at "Asian Legend" restaurant.


Nian/ Gao (rice cake) soup.

Bowl o' hot soy milk.

Scallion pancakes.

Yo/ tiao/ ("chinese donut") and ro\ song ("pork floss") wrapped in rice.

CN Tower

Hockey Hall of Fame

Taking a break from walking around the downtown waterfront.

We then headed over to the St. Lawrence Market, which was pretty nice to walk around.

Lots of of little booths.


Some delicious-looking bacon.

Sea meats.

Dad inspecting the cheese selection.

Dry aged sides of beef.

I gots me some perogies. Yum!

Dinner that night at Sam Woo's BBQ.

Cha Shao Ro\ (a.k.a. "char siu").

Then of course, it was off to Pacific Mall for one last round of Tian/ Tang.

But before we got there, we saw the most obscene cuttlefish hanging in the window of one of the shops (the sausage hanging next to it did not help the imagery).

Then we saw these kids rehearsing some sort of dance.

I felt kind of bad for them, but that didn't stop me from laughing and recording more:

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