Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beijing to Shanghai (Thu)

Conference over. Nate and I have a morning to kill before heading over to Tsinghua University, and then later to the airport.

Not really that pretty.

But in the basement, we find a hot-pot counter. Sweet.

And we ordered too much food, and it cost next to nothing anyway.

Coffee break. I just thought it was interesting that they used coffee grinds in the ash tray.

Weird sculpture on the Tsinghua campus.

This building is supposed to have some significance, but I forgot what it is. I think it's just one of the old buildings on campus, but there were a lot of people taking pictures of/with it.

Off to the Beijing airport, where some thunderstorms end up canceling our flight. We had to go through multiple rebookings before we got it all settled. Didn't depart until well after 11pm (we were supposed to get to Shanghai by about 10pm).

Noodles in the Beijing airport while killing time.

Fried chicken bits. (Same place.)

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