Monday, June 2, 2008


Finally decided to build myself a means of doing some more serious smoking of meats.

I bought a deep stainless steel buffer tray with lid, drilled a hole in the side of it for some plumbing (broke a couple of bits in the process), screwed in the short piece of plumbing, and voi la! Home-made smoke box!

The pipe fits perfectly in the hole in the side of the grill where smoke usually leaves.

Not much time that evening, so we just smoked some chicken thighs and wings which don't take too long (compared to ribs or brisket). I think we just gave 'em something like a 90-120 minute smoke.

Wings (marinated in a pineapple-curry hot sauce).

Thighs. I don't remember what the flavoring was... probably just some dry rub.

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