Friday, March 9, 2007

Singapore, Day 3

After we lost our playoff game in the morning, I went back to the hotel and showered up. M and I then checked out Little India first.

Veggies at a Indian market. Bitter melon in the foreground, and I think those are some gigantic bhindi/okra in the back right and green beans in the back left.

Another small veggie stand.

Indian food stop number one. Sambal fish (bottom left), bhindi/okra masala (bottom center), garlic naan and ginger lassi. The food was *very* good! The naan was out of this world. Fresh, fresh, freshly baked naan with lots of garlic. I could eat that bread all day. So, so good!

So good we had to order some more. We got cheese naan this time, mainly because I had never seen cheese naan before. This is sort of like a grilled cheese sandwich almost. Also incredibly good.

We only sampled a few dishes, but here's a shot of a lot more of what we missed out on.

Stopped at a roadside stand for some fresh young green coconut. I have been buying these from the markets off of Buford Highway, but my standard method of opening is just with a screwdriver and fist. It seems like a good heavy knife can actually whack through the shell. I'll have to try that next time. As far as the coconut goes, I actually like the ones in Atlanta more because I toss 'em in the fridge first so that the juice is nice and cold.

Indian food stop number two. From the left, rice, some mutton dish, and a lightly curried pumpkin and peas dish. The mutton was tasty, but I think the pumpkin dish was actually my favorite. I also think that this pumpkin is not what we carve jack-o-lanterns out of, but that "pumpkin" is probably a generic term for any orange colored squash.

On our way from Little India to Arab street, I saw this funny sign. On the top left, we have "curry fish head", and on the right, "curry fish tail." Basically the same exact thing, you just have to choose which half of the fish you want.

We also stopped by a street market before getting to Arab Street. Different type of coconut. This is a "thai coconut." It's much smaller (and these were in ice water, too), so instead of hacking the top off, the guy just dug out a hole and stuck a straw in there.

You can see how small it is. About the size of an orange or grapefruit.

We didn't actually eat anything over around Arab Street (shock!). After that, we wandered down toward another shopping area called Bugis Street.

Every year when we go to visit relatives in Toronto over winter break, we inevitably end up going to Pacific Mall in Toronto (more accurately Market Village - see also my younger brother's blog) to visit a Chinese dessert soup shop there (in a week, consumption of well over a dozen dessert soups just for me is not uncommon). Anyway, so on our way to Bugis Street, I found one so I was pretty excited and had to go in. Unfortunately, it's so hot there that ordering a hot dessert soup didn't make much sense.

So I just went with the tried-and-true mango with sago (small tapioca balls). The mango was fresh. Interesting was that their sago was opaque, whereas the few places in North America that I've had sago (Toronto, San Fran, and when I tried making it myself) it was more translucent.

We eventually made our way over to Bugis Street. Nothing fantastic shopping-wise (I'm not a big shopper), but there were more food stalls. Unfortunately at this time, I really only had room for liquids (they can fit easily in the cracks!). Above is a cup of fresh soursop juice. Pretty good. I also had a cup of fresh watermelon juice that M ordered but didn't like.

She instead got dragonfruit juice. I tried a little; I thought it was ok, but I don't think I could drink a whole glass of this.

So besides the final banquet for the ice hockey tournament (pretty must all ok-but-nothing-special Western fare), this ended my Singapore gastronomical adventures.

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