Monday, March 5, 2007

Singapore, Day 1

So I woke up on Thursday morning and went in search of some food.

I decided on eating at this place more or less arbitrarily.

And I ordered a shrimp noodle soup and a cup of coffee. The broth was quite tasty, and the noodles were ok (not bad, nothing super special). The coffee (not shown) was served with sweetened condensed milk rather than sugar and cream. After that, it was off to the hockey rink for our first game of the day.

After the hockey game, I got a bowl of beef noodle soup (nio/ nan/ mian\), but I forgot to take a picture of that. Then I wandered around the shopping mall there. This was a stand that had all sorts of dried fruits (as well as some gummy bears and similar candies). This picture shows the fruit section which was mostly Chinese-styled dried fruits (e.g., salty dried sour plums).

There was a soya milk stand, so I got myself an almond soya milk, and a "crispy pancake." The crispy pancake was more like a crepe (but firmer, hence the "crispy" part of its name), and the inside was smeared with red bean paste. The crispy pancake was only so-so, but I liked the soya milk.

In the shopping area adjacent to the mall with the ice rink, there were a whole bunch of these food stalls. It's sort of like a food court that you'd see in a mall, but you just order at the stand, tell them your table number and sit down. When it's ready, they'll bring the food to you and then you pay them. I didn't discover this until after I had lunch already, so we'll get back to this tomorrow.

This is just one view of a couple of the stalls. There were a ***lot*** of stalls. Most of them served some form of Chinese food, but there were others including Muslim Chinese food, Thai, Indian and Malaysian food.

Another fun choice was the fruit stall. Lots of fresh fruit (I think the picture has watermelon (top), papaya, watermelon again, pineapple, and then lower quantities of other assorted fruits like apples, kiwi, dragonfruit, mango, etc.). I got a chunk of pineapple and one of papaya, both very good.

A dessert stall selling various Asian desserts with sago, grass jelly, corn (mmm, everyone likes corn for desert!), etc. I didn't get anything here either; I probably should have. For dinner that evening, we went back to Clarke Quay where our hotel is, and ended up at some restaurant where I got a steak (so not too interesting for photo-documenting). But before that, we stopped at a bar where I ordered something at random from the menu whose name I probably couldn't pronounce, and now I certainly don't remember.

It was basically a bunch of small anchovies (or other small dried fish) fried up with some soy and chili sauces. It actually tasted decent, but it's a little too much to eat in one sitting.

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