Friday, March 9, 2007

Doctor Capsule!

There are all sorts of health and yogurt drinks here in Korea. Walk into any 7-11/GS25/Family Mart, and the drinks section will undoubtedly have a large selection of such potables.

I decided to try one the other day more or less just for the helluvit. This one is "Doctor Capsule" (or Dahk Tuh Kep Syul), which is a yogurt drink. The weird part is that they have extra yogurt bacteria in these little capsules that don't dissolve until they get to your intestines, which is supposed to be better for you (I have no clue why). It tasted fine (mostly tasted like yogurt), although the little capsule thingies floating around were a little weird texture-wise. (They're a little smaller than the flying fish or smelt roe (tobiko/masago) that you get with Japanese food.) It didn't make me sick, but I didn't notice any positive effects either.

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