Sunday, March 4, 2007

Singapore, Day 0

[The non-food posts can be found on my old blog.]

After checking into the hotel, we wandered around a couple of blocks, but didn't find anything to eat. So I just asked some cops, and they pointed me to a 7-11. Across from the 7-11 however, was a little shop that seemed to be in full swing with hungry post-partying partiers (this was at about 3am or so).

I ended up getting some sort of noodles. It had some fish balls (dish cake in little spheres instead of slices), mushrooms, and maybe a piece of fried bean curd.

I asked for only a "little bit" of spiciness. Maybe it was just the heat and humidity down there, but boy was that making me sweat. Good thing I picked up a can of Pocari Sweat at the 7-11 as well.

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