Monday, January 8, 2007

Sit-down meal

The restaurant we went to was aptly named "Korean Restaurant" (at least that was what was written in English outside). The food consisted of many rounds of banchan and other appetizers. I can remember kimchi, sweet-potato noodles, some sort of salad, jellyfish, raw oysters, octopus, blanched spinach, egg-battered mushroom and fish(?) slices, and some other vegetable (I think it was either a kind of seaweed or bamboo - I've had it before in chinese food, but I can't remember exactly what it is). This was followed up with a hot stone bowl of rice that was mixed with some purple rice and other things (I can only remember red dates and ginko nuts). You scoop out all of the rice from the stone bowl, and then they add hot water which allows you to scrape off any rice that has seared to the sides of the bowl and by adding some more flavoring, you can make a soup out of it. There was also some sort of marinated beef that was very tasty.

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