Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Food and Drinks

The second TA (Paul) showed up this week. The night after he got in, we went out to dinner with Younggyun and his parents.

Here we have the bulgogi (marinated beef) and various banchan. Quite tasty (mmm, raw garlic). Younggyun's dad wouldn't let me pay for dinner (Asian customs and whatnot), so I took Younggyun and Paul out for some drinks afterwards.

In Korea, you never just sit around and drink... you always eat something while you drink. That actually makes a lot of sense and is probably a lot safer (and tastier!). This was some sort of pork dish, kind of cartilage-y (but that's fine with me, I grew up eating pig ears so it was no big deal).

Younggyun introduced us quite a variety of Korean drinks. I don't have pictures of all of them, but they were:
  • Baek-sae-ju (literal translation in hundred year wine - I think that's what's in the picture above)
  • Dae-po
  • Dong-dong-ju (milky in appearance, weak similarity to peruvian chicha, served in a tea pot - see below)
  • Dae-tong-ju (not sure what it is, but it was served in a piece of bamboo - see below)
  • Heuk-ju (literally black wine, but it really wasn't that dark in color)
  • San-sa-choon (made from fermented berries, very sweet)
It sounds like we drank a lot, but you drink from these tiny sub-shot-glass sized cups most of the time so it's really not too bad.

Dong-dong-ju. I think this was the only case where we didn't drink from small glasses, but from metal bowls instead! Luckily, this stuff wasn't very strong so a bowlful isn't all that much.


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