Saturday, January 27, 2007

Silent Food

So it's been at times challenging for me to order food in restaurants... since I'm asian, people here automatically assume I speak Korean. Usually a bit of pointing, miming, grunting and sometimes a little basic Korean are able to get me a meal. However, when I'm feeling lazy, Seoul seems to be filled with gimbap restaurants that are effectively the equivalents of diners (most are open 24 hours). The main advantage here is that there's a pad of paper at each table with the menu printed on there, and all you have to do is mark down what you want and hand over the sheet of paper. Hot food in minutes when you don't want to play the language game! Of course you still have to decipher what's on the menu, but I'm starting to get the hang of that (or sometimes just select something at random).

This particular item was dolsot bulgogi dapbap. Dolsot refers to the big hot stone pot. Bulgogi is marinated meat. Not sure what dap means, and bap is rice. Anyway, for four or five bucks, it was a fine meal.


Dong Hyuk said...
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Dong Hyuk said...

dap (probably it's dup or deop) means 'covered with'. So, it means the rice covered with bulgogi in the stone pot. Anyway, I'm pretty happy to see you enjoying the life in Korea. :)

Gabe said...

Thanks for the translation. You're right, it's deop (덮).