Saturday, January 6, 2007

First day food

Here's the banchan (small side dishes) that came with the food I got this morning. The soup is just a thin soup (I think it's basically watered down fermented soy paste). The weird item is the one on the left of the plate; it was cold hotdog slices (uncooked I think) in some sort of spicy sauce. I forgot to take a picture of the main entree, but it was some sort of kimchi fried rice, but the weird thing about it (at least to me) was that it had cheese! That's the first time I've ever had cheese fried rice; it almost sounds southern.

The apartments come with a few appliances (no microwave, though!). I bought some groceries, including rice and tried to make some... however the rice cooker is completely in Korean. After randomly pressing the buttons in different permutations, I finally got it to work (it has like a dozen settings, but luckily only one of them had the Korean word "bap" which means rice). The other thing in the picture is a hot-water maker; it's rather insignificant except for the fact that when you start it, it sounds like a small airplane jet and it does indeed boil the water in a hurry.

Here's a couple of the items I picked up at the grocery store. In the middle-top is fermented soybean paste, middle-bottom is spicy-paste, and on the sides are two different types of kimchi. One's just traditional chinese-cabbage, but the other one is baby-daikon kimchi. I was pretty excited to find that as I haven't had that kind of kimchi since I lived in Seattle (Uwajimaya in the Int'l District carried a fairly extensive inventory of kimchi). Yum!

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Gabe said...

My sister pointed out that risotto is cheese and rice... so I guess it's perhaps not so weird after all.