Thursday, March 20, 2008

Japanese Food (round 2)

We made a visit to Kisaku, my current favorite sushi joint in Seattle. We had found this many years ago just by accident I think.

Fried shrimp heads from the amaebi.

(Clockwise from top-left) Spider roll, amaebi, salmon, salmon and yellowtail (I think?).

(back to front, L-to-R): Kisaku roll (scallops, aspagus, tobiko, in soy wrapper), spicy tuna roll, tomago, ika/squid, and more yellowtail.

(Clockwise from shiny fish in top left corner): kohada/gizzard shad, sockeye salmon, red abalone, amaebi, futomaki, uni/sea urchin ovaries.

(L-to-R): aji/spanish mackerel (I think), tuna, and I forget.

Dessert 1.

Dessert 2.

Dessert 3.

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