Thursday, February 22, 2007

Korean BBQ, Redux

Sue and I wandered around near the Apgujeong subway station. Our intention was to walk over to the main section of Apgujeong where there's a whole bunch of fancy-pants stores (Seoul's "Rodeo Drive"), but we didn't make it that far (partly because we didn't really know where we were going). Anyway, it was cold out, so we ducked into a random restaurant which turned out to be a Korean BBQ joint.

So here are some big chunks of fatty pork. Pork is always better with fat, which is why we all like bacon so much. There were some interesting side dishes that I had not seen before as well:

This pink stuff I think is probably in the family of 물김치 (mul kim chi, or "water" kimchi), which is basically more like vinagered veggies rather than anything properly pickled or fermented. The interesting part was its bright pink color. We were not able to identify exactly why it was that color; I would guess it had something to do with either plums or beets.

Another interesting side dish. Basically a scrambled egg poached in some sort of broth. This reminded me of how my mom used to scramble some eggs, pour it into a bowl, and steam it in the rice cooker... this had a slightly lighter consistency, but was fairly similar. Overall, a pretty good dinner.


Dong Hyuk said...

Rodeo drive is a little far away from Apgujeong subway station. You can walk there, but it's not recommended in winter. :)

Gabe said...

The funny thing is that the signs actually say "Rodeo Street". We did find it later on.