Sunday, February 25, 2007

How Corny!

What is this, you ask? I found it in the ice-cream bin at the market. And, despite the obvious corn picture on the wrapper, it is indeed ice cream! Unwrapping it reveals:

So this is really more like a corn-shaped cone. The outer material had a consistency similar to the "cake" style "eat-it-all" ice cream cones (as opposed to sugar cones). Inside this outer corn-shaped shell was the ice cream. At first I didn't really notice it, but as I ate more, yes, I did start tasting corn as well... so it really is corn ice cream. The flavor was reminiscent of creamed corn. Eventually I even found a few kernels of corn in there as well as some bits of endosperm (the harder bit at the bottom of a corn kernel - I learned of that term from Alton Brown). Overall, it wasn't really gross, but when I want ice cream, I'm usually not in the mood for corn.

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