Sunday, February 25, 2007

BBQ and Ray Ferraro

After bowling, we went to a restaurant called "Mapo Kalbi" (마포갈비) in a part of town called GangNam. It was packed, and we had to squeeze to get a whole hockey team's worth of people crammed together. The kalbi was very tasty, despite the fact that I had just had Korean BBQ the night before.

The next dish was pretty cool. It's just a "salad," which is really more like a slaw (mostly shredded cabbage), but the kicker was that it was laced full of wasabi or some sort of horseradish. Eating more than a small mouthful at a time got you a good kick in the nose. It was tasty, but take your time with it.

After dinner, we all went over to a nearby bar. We got some bar food... I ordered chicken tenders (or actually 치켄텐다/Chi-Ken Ten-Da) figuring that it would be good for sharing, but what I actually got more closely resembled chicken parmesan!

I'm not sure whether I just totally messed up the ordering process, or if something went horribly awry when the concept of "chicken tenders" was explained to the chef. It wasn't exactly like regular chicken parm either though (for one, it wasn't breaded). In any case, not what I had in mind, and not really good for sharing in a bar. It's a good thing my stomach has high capacity.

Tater tots! I have always liked tater tots, and nowadays they also remind me of the Vortex back home. Man, I'd like rare Vortex cheeseburger right now.

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