Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend in San Jose y Francisco

Went to San Jose for Heidi and Haiwei's wedding (about time...).

Super-awesome camcorder pose!

Pouring sand.

Strange mural in San Mateo.

Finishing off Lobster Plate #3. It was sad to see so much lobster and abalone go uneaten at the tables with large non-Chinese populations. Michael and I tried our best to eat as much as we could, but after half a platter of abalone and three plates of lobster, we were done.

BBQ next day (was also Memorial Day weekend). I liked this grill as the wheel on the side lets you raise and lower the grill to adjust the distance to the fire/coals.

Dinner with my brother Nat in San Francisco at Shimo Sushi. I basically ordered everything on their specials menu which included several fishes that I had not had before (and some that I have had). included were herring roe, and walu/escolar.

Then we went to a Chinese dessert place. I got sago with durian smoothy and chunks of durian. It stinks! But I like it.

Next day, lunch at In-n-Out burgers.

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