Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ischia back to Naples (then to Atlanta)

I think Bimbo must mean something else in Italian.

Back in Naples next to the hotel by the airport I was staying at overnight before my flight home. Pretty good pizza... it was all I could afford with the few remaining Euros that I had and I didn't want to go to the ATM and get more money (stupid place didn't place credit cards either).

Duty free shop in Rome (brief lay-over). I was very, very tempted to buy this balsamic vinegar. It's super-aged, so it's very thick and sweet. Goes really well with vanilla ice cream or gelato. Yes, it's 77 Euros. The reason I didn't buy it was that I wasn't checking in any baggage, and the Atlanta airport is retarded with respect to international arrivals. There's no way to exit from customs directly out of the airport... you have to go through the terminals again, which means you have to clear through security, which means no liquids (including vinegar) in your carry-on (or carry-through) baggage, which means I would have had to check in my bag, which would have cost me an extra 45 minutes to get out of the airport.

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