Sunday, January 27, 2008

NHL All-Star Game

NHL All-Star Game: the main event.


Me and Sue.

Me and my brother paying careful attention.

Sucky band that failed to get the crowd hyped up.

Singing of the national anthems.

Action down at our end. We had a good view right along the goal line and got to see several goals scored by both sides.

Honoring Willie O'Ree (first black ice hockey player in the NHL, 50th anniversary of his breaking the color barrier).

Sucky intermission show. No-name R&B/hip-hop dude Ne-Yo performed for which I'm sure that 96% of the crowd could care less about. I actually like hip-hop, but this was still pretty sucky.

Sue playing her Lemonade Tycoon game during the intermission. Probably a lot better than Ne-Yo.

Final post-game hand shake line.

Overall, still a fun event and I'm glad we got to go!

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