Saturday, January 5, 2008

62 Hours in Seoul

So I ended up spending about 62 hours in Korea just after New Year's. I'm teaching for the Korea program again this year, but via video. They wanted us to go spend a little time there to meet the new students and give a lecture or two.

It was funny being reminded of this again: the 24-hour go channel.

Kimbap. Can't seem to find good kimbap in Atlanta.

Random banchan.

Sundubu jiggae. Yum.

We went to some tofu-specialty restaurant for lunch.

Much larger banchan selection.

My tofu soup. It was a fresh form of tofu that was almost kind of curdled in texture.

Dunkin donuts, but Korean varieties that you can't get in the US. Peanut something or other and the green tea "chewisty".

Kishore got pizza for the Korean students on saturday afternoon. This was a funny variety: "seafood island".

Tteok gook. (Rice cake soup)

Some kind of beef soup (at the airport).

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