Saturday, December 29, 2007

Toronto, Day 3

Dim sum for breakfast/brunch...

BBQ pork wrapped in knots of dough.

Turnip cakes and gai lan (chinese broccoli).

I think this is some sort of soy bean sheets wrapped up in a roll... not sure.

Chang/ fen~ yio/ taio/ (chinese donut wrapped in long noodles).

Shrimp dumplings.

beef tendon? (left) and tripe (right).

small rib pieces.

cuttlefish tentacles I think (could be squid).

Weird rolls. Seaweed and fish cake I think.

Dough balls filled with black sesame stuffing.

Red bean pancake.

Back off to the dessert shop (more tian/ tang).

Mango pudding with coconut milk.

Mango pieces and sago.

Water chestnut gelatin... very disappointing. (Very little flavor, and minimal chestnut content.)

"Liver" tea (supposed to be good for said organ), dunno (top), and strawberry and sago.

More tofu hua.

Dinner at aunt Judy's.

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