Friday, December 28, 2007

Toronto, Day 2

Every trip to Toronto involves multiple trips to Pacific Mall and Market Village, one the Asian mall/market/pirate-centers. For some, it's to stockpile on pirated DVDs, still-in-cinema bootlegs, etc. For me it's food.

Chinese pulled noodles. Super fresh. Super awesome.

Said noodles with pork and chinese pickled mustard greens. In the back, wonton soup.

Arcade break. Drummer version of guitar hero-type rhythm games.

Nat and Ariel doing the DDR thang.

The main reason to hit Market Village: Chinese dessert soups (tian/ tang).

Almond paste.

Mango with sago.

For dinner, we went to this "fusion" Chinese restaurant, which was mostly a regular Chinese restaurant with a few odd dishes.


The stuff used to make the soup... to prove to you what went into it and that's it's not really just chicken broth from a can.

Fen~ Si (translucent noodles with assorted stuff).

Seafood and veggies on left, chicken on right.

This was definitely one of the "fusion" dishes... it's orange pork, but the orange flavor tastes like creamsicles!

Crab on right, bamboo pith and veggies on left.

Fairly unsatisfactory dessert soup at end of meal... this made us go out in search for more. Our cousin Lester introduced us to a new place. Slighty more expensive than the one at Pacific Mall, but different selections and possibly slightly better quality.

This was really good; we went through a couple orders of this. It's some sort of black rice and coconut pudding.

Turtle jelly with coconut milk.

White tree ear with papaya.

Cashew paste.

Not sure anymore... foreground item looks like it might be soymilk. Next is yo/ tiao/ (literally oil stick, a.k.a. chinese donut), and then in the back is tofu hua (a kind of soft tofu dessert).

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