Saturday, September 22, 2007

Korean Eats, Pocari

We threw a little sushi party this evening, but before shopping we had to get some food for ourselves. So we hit 88 Tofu House, although I think we need to explore around a little more as it seems like 88TH keeps raising their prices.

Cold noodles with beef and fish. These noodles are great in the summer when it's hot out. Nice cool and refreshing taste, although it's spicy at the same time. The mustard sauce is great, too. The noodles are made from buckwheat, I think, and are *really* chewy.

Assorted banchan, and Sue's kimchi bibimbap in the background.

We later went to the Tomato Japanese market to pick up some stuff for dinner. While, there, we found:

This is Pocari Sweat in powder form. Both Sue and I like this Japanese sports drink (it's similar to the white powerade... but no one seems to carry that flavor anymore). Normally here in the US, the 1.5L bottle of Pocari costs about $5, which is way too much to justify buying (it cost me about $1.50 in Korea). The box of powder is good for five 1L servings, and at $9 per box, it's still a little more expensive than what it would cost in Asia, but much cheaper than buying it in the bottle.

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