Monday, April 16, 2007

Osaka, Day 2

Surprisingly, I don't have too many food pictures from Day 2...

I didn't actually get any of these, but they're little cake things but in the shape of people. L thinks that they are caricatures of Japanese comedians.

For lunch, we hit a ramen joint in Osaka. You actually pay for your food at the vending machine, which then spits out your change and a ticket. You then give your ticket to the guy behind the counter and he gives you:

Ramen! Note that if you haven't had fresh ramen before, this has little to do with the 3-minute chicken-flavored top ramen that you ate in college.

Later, we stopped for a snack at a somewhat traditional teahouse. This green tea was very strong and was a little frothy on top from being whipped. The dessert things are just some sort of mochi (glutinous rice) snacks with sweet bean paste in it.

For dinner, we met up with a couple of L's friends and we had okonomiyaki, which is a sort of pancake-like object. My brother said I had to try this since it is a specialty/regional food of Osaka (or perhaps the greater Kansai area). It was tasty and pretty filling. This was at a joint in Umeda, which is in the northern part of Osaka.

The only other consumption that night was a few drinks at a local pub near L's apartment.

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