Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Street Food

Ok, so this first picture is not street food. This is the Bulgogi that we had for lunch on the DMZ tour. After the tour, Sue and I walked along the CheongGyeCheon stream from where it starts all the way down to GwangJang market. There are a lot of food stalls there.

First stop, kimch mandu. Pretty tasty.

Next stop, some sort of pancake. They had a bil stone mill that they were using to freshly grind some sort of cereal. It looked to me like the large-style couscous that you sometimes get, but Sue thought it was some sort of bean (could have been soybeans I suppose... the color was about right). The pancakes themselves were filled with soybean sprouts as well. Freshly fried, so it had to be good (and it was).

From the market, we just kept wandering east. We went through DongDaeMun (watched some more pop groups perform in front of the department stores, including a horrible wannabe punk-ska band), and then we just kept on going until we finally got tired and headed back into the subway system at the Changsin stop.

On Tuesday night, we went over to the university areas surrounding Ehwa Women's University, Yongsei University (KU's arch-rival), and HongIk University. With three schools next door to each other, this made for a lively area. Lots of shopping, restaurants, bars, etc. And lots of street food stalls.

Some sort of chicken on a stick with a piece of ricecake (tteok) on the end of it. This had a very interesting cinnamony flavor.

Japanese-style "takoyaki" (grilled batter balls with a piece of octopus inside topped with shaved dried bonito and some sauce).

This was an odd but very tasty one. On the inside is a piece of ricecake again, but the outside is a wrapping of some sort of ground meat, and then finally the whole thing is dunked in some sweet and spicy sauce.

Another variation of chicken on a stick. This time battered and fried. The frying keeps the chicken on the inside very moist. Yum!

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