Saturday, October 11, 2008

Georgia State Fair and Savannah

This was the last road trip/vacation prior to the arrival of our munchkin. We wanted to keep it simple and local, so we spent the afternoon at the Georgia State Fair and then drove out to the sea.

Mandatory BBQ stop along the way.

Brunswick stew, pork sandwich, corn bread.

State fair had a neat rabbit show that we didn't see last year.

This rabbit is bigger than a lot of dogs.

Couldn't quite tell how large this one was.

The alpaca contest. In this section, they had fans blowing so you could more easily show off the coat on your alpaca.

Hooking up the milking machine.

This thing was sucking out milk at an impressive rate.

Mmm... meat.

Dole whip. Yum!

They always have these arts and crafts contests where they award blue ribbons for various categories. This entry was among other flower basket presentations, and I would have loved to have given this a blue ribbon! LOL!

No need to comment.

The south is well known for its frying skillz.

Various antique tractors and other farm equipment.

Peach cobbler a la mode.

Fresh squeeze lemonade, corn dog.

Youth livestock show.


Then it was off to Savannah. It was raining pretty hard when we got in, so we just went to some restaurant/bar across the street from the hotel and got some dinner.

Sue's crabcakes.

My mussels.

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Nat Loh said...

you could have gone to Paula Deen's restaurant(s).