Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edinburgh (Day 0)

Had a conference program committee meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Long flight from Atlanta to Paris, a painfully long four-hour lay-over in CDG (almost slept through the boarding calls), and then a short commuter flight to Edinburgh.

Little snack tray that you get on the Air France hop from CDG to EDI. Pretty nice for an airplane!

Random views on the double-decker bus from the airport to downtown.

Big impressive buildings.

Castle in the background.

This is pretty neat. It's a model of the city commissioned so that blind people can feel it and get a sense of the layout of the city, the topology, etc. There's some braille descriptions along with it.

I had to play so wacky games with converters to get juice for my laptop.

"New Town"

My ass never made it inside.

The place I ended up for dinner. Just pulled restaurant listings from Lonely Planet. Sort of upscale "new" Scottish/British fare.

Cold cider.

Black pudding. Was pretty tasty despite its ominous look.

Scottish lamb of some sort, I believe.

Panna cotta-like dessert.

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