Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SLC: HPCA (day 2), conference excursion

This has to rate as one of the coolest conference excursions... bobsledding on an Olympic course!

Orientation/warning/waiver signing session.

Mandatory helmet.

They pack three riders in with a professional driver. They don't let you push the sled yourself as it's pretty hard to pack everyone into the sled while it's stationary.

Night shot of part of the course. A lot of the course is covered up to minimize exposure to the sun to maintain the ice conditions.

Entrance to the luge track. Obviously hadn't been used lately.

Off in the Olympic "Museum". Paraphernalia from the non-gold winning USA hockey team. We should have beat them to burying a $1 coin in the ice, but that probably wouldn't have helped us.

Curling stone.

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